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Leadership is earned, not given

In a recent discussion with a former colleague, a fellow people manager, we discussed various leadership traits. More specifically we discussed the tendency to promote the best individual contributors (ICs) to leads and/or managers. This has been a long standing “tradition” in most areas of business, but has become very prominent in the IT industry
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Keep Up or Catch Up

If you are a part of a growing business, it makes sense to have a 1-, 3-, and 5-year plan. How are you going to grow your business? Organically or Externally? Beyond that, you must consider what factors are necessary to scale your entire company holistically. As a member of the IT community, I have
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Welcome to my new blog!  As I’ve gone through my career, I’ve wanted to continually improve.  I am always asking for feedback and through the years have gained some insights into business, technology and leadership. More importantly, I’ve learned that there are synergies between the three and that the IT world is evolving.  Not just
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